Nyungwe forest national park

chimpanzee nyungweNyungwe forest is one of the few national parks that are situated in Rwanda and at the very same time habour primates , Nyungwe is situated in the south western part of Rwanda and covers a 1000sqkm area. This park brings you the opportunity of interacting with the chimpanzees thcanopy walkrough the chimpanzee trekking activity. The park has thirteen primate species which include the blue monkey, vervet monkey,Grey checked-mangabey,dents monkey,L’Hoest’s monkey,red tailed monkey,and many more  to offer .There is an estimate of 500 chimpanzees and 310 bird species which make it a great birding destination though a few people have discovered that about the destination.There are areas that are really good for viewing the birds among which include the Gisakura tea estate,the main road close to the campsite is also a fantastic place for viewing a variety of bird species,the canopy walkway is also great for bird viewing and some other areas that really good spots for the bird watching activity.Chimpanzee trekking goes for $90 and you ought to book a chimpanzee permit prior so that you can be spared space for engaging in the trekking activity at the destination in question. The activity in  this park is done in a short time since there is one session for trekking which starts in the morning hours so you could always engage in another activity in the park or around it could be a community walk or anything else of your interest.Unlike Nyungwe national park of Rwanda,in kibale national park of Uganda where there are two chimpanzee trekking sessions thus in the morning hours and the afternoon. There are 18 chimpanzee families in Nyungwe forest and the 10 are habituated and ready for trekking then the 8 are used for research purposes by the many people that may require to research on the chimps, while in the forest you will be able to goolsee Black-faced monkeys, Vervet monkeys, Rwenzori colobus and the L’Hoest monkey. There are amazing hiking activities that take place in this destination it has 13 hiking trails that offer the best hiking experiences. You can also be able to go for the canopy walk while in Nyungwe national park where you will be able to see monkeys roaming in high in the trees as they play and some birds that will be flying up all around the forest .This forest has lots of activities you would do after the major chimpanzee trek and you get great enthusiasm from them.

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