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Gorilla Permit -All you need to Know

Gorilla trekking is a mind-blowing and thrilling wildlife experience only the few privileged get a chance to participate in, this remarkable adventure allows you to get up close and personal with mountain gorillas – the most endangered animals I Africa’s wilderness in their natural habitat.

To undertake in once-in-a lifetime adventure, you need to have a gorilla permit which acts as permission to allow you into their habitat. In this article, we detail all you need to know about gorilla permits, explore the differences between Uganda and Rwanda gorilla permits and also all the essential information regarding booking, availability and terms and conditions.

What is the gorilla permit?

A gorilla permits refers to a government – issued document that grants tourists permission to access the gorilla habitat, trek mountain gorillas and spend a set period of monitored time with a habituated gorilla family in their natural habitat.

A gorilla permit fee is a significant source of revenue contributing to the conservation of gorillas and the development of communities around the gorilla parks as well as the endangered mountain gorillas and their habitats in Uganda and Rwanda.

We Kwow that getting gorilla & Chimpanzee permits can be a challenge, let us take care of that.

Popular primates Destination

want to travel to some fo the most exciting primate trekking destinations? or perharps you want to book gorilla permits and Chimpanzee permits. See below some of the most popular gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking destination / national parks in East Africa.

Cost of a Gorilla Permit in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Mountain gorillas are one of the most sought- animals in Africa for safari goers, primarily because of their sheer size and close resemblance to humans (Mountain gorillas’ DNA is similar to that of humans).  

Scientifically known as Gorilla beringei beringei, mountain gorillas are giant primates and subspecies of the eastern gorilla only found in East and Central Africa. Mountain gorillas are the biggest living primates, they are larger, more powerful and have thicker, longer fur than any other gorilla species. Their fur allows them to survive in the cold conditions at the high altitudes.

Seeing mountain gorillas face to face in their natural habitat is one of the most incredible and memorable wildlife experience in the world, this mind-blowing experience is best done in Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorilla permits info

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