kibale forest national park

Kibale forest national park is seated on  795sqkm in area and is known to harbor the largest number of chimpanzees though it has other rchi..3ecorded primate species.The park is situated in the western part of Uganda,22km south west of fort portal town  with a great location where one can base and visit the rest of other national parks in Uganda with simple access.the park has different routes that you could follow so as reachimp-chimpch the different park entrances.the park has three most interesting sections or areas which include the Bigodi wetland ,Kanyanchu here you will be able to trek the chimpanzees,in this forest you can still engage in chimpanzee habituation or study about the chimps while in thier habitation , and Sebitoli where you will be able to satisfy your eyes with the beautiful scenery, the rare vegetation,the  while in kibale national park you are guaranteed to have the best of your trekking activity.This park is located some good hours from Kampala the central of Uganda.You will be able to see the the amazing vegetation the beautifully laid scenery and a lot of social and hospitable local communities.the forest is known to have approximately 351 tree species there are several primate species among which you will find the red colobus monkey,red tailed guenon,white nosed monkey,L’Hoest monkey,and the black and white colobus will also find other species like the olive baboons,bush babies,and the nocturnal pottos.

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