Community projects


Bwindi impenetrable has many projects that go all around the area .The many projects around include  the VSPT project that has a tea and bar activity that people try to engage in and practice. This same area has a hospital that the locals are putting much effort in so as to make sure that the hospital is beneficial to this host community and more so the community reach outs that they engage in are of great importance when it comes to saving lives. The Batwa people and the Byumba also put a great effort to ensure that their lives are takenart.crafts good care of for example live witnesses say of how much the Bwindi community hospital has facilitated their health . A lot of skills have been learned by the locals that tend to engage in the service rendering and these include the Batwa and the Byumba plus the Bakiga people. All these tribes have been sensitized about the different ways of life and thus preventing the primitive way of living that they mostly engage in.kibale national park has a community project named Ngogo chimpanzee project. This is mainly based on betterment of the wildlife and the people or the locals in and around the park. The main aim is to put an effort into the protection of chimpanzees and other animals that acharre in the park. Since the biggest threat in this national park is poaching so this project is meant to eradicate the poaching practice. Employment of two teams of the local people to patrol the park and eliminate any snare threats that cause snare related injuries to the animals in kibale national park. There is also need of another team in the southern part of this park so that it can enable the safety of the animals. The program is becoming possible because of the support that is given to them by the various private donors, Detroit zoological society, and Disney wildlife conservation fund. All these community projects tend to ensure great lively hood of the local people and development of the very communities that ought to be beneficiaries of the tourism that takes place in their home area. Through these community projects there are tourist activities that are based in them that one could engage in and have great enthusiasm from them for example the Batwa walk batwa walkthat is mainly based to create awareness of the visitors on the life styles and the pygmies way of life since before they were evicted from mugahinga national park they lived as hunters-gathers and fierce worriers men they got all their basic needs from the park thus food shelter water and when evicted they spread all through the nearby villages, more connected to the batwa people you can be able to visit the ngarama cave that was once home to the batwa king ,a cultural dance of the batwa people will be demonstrated and all visitors interested would be free to join in the dance. Forest carbon portal is another community project in kibale forest national park. This project is on to eliminate the happenings to the environment that may cause it any harm at any 1 point so it looks at the activities that consider the environmental and social impacts of the surroundings being.Differernt points of views have been looked at and this is through considering the benefits that this project extends to all the stake holders of tourism and the three pillars of sustainability thus the environment, the society and the economy.

BOartyOMU women’s group is yet another community project that is focused upon making the community they work together for their mutual benefit and the benefit of their communities. This group is registered under UCOTA and is .This community project tends to look at all the Women and the betterment of their communities that they live in .these women try in various ways to create good relationship between the locals and the other tourism stakeholders or the practitioners. Other projects ensure that they promote sustainable environmental conservation and the welfare of the communities that surround the national park. Try so hard to be generous to the locals since it motivates the locals to be as hospitable as they can when you come to these destinations.

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