About Us

We are tour operators that are mainly based in Uganda with an office in Rwanda and Congo.We work with sincere honesty and give service to our clients on hope to see them next .We can take you to all primates destinations so that  you be able to explore the destinations and be able to familiarize with the primates that’s mainly the gorillas and the chimpanzees in the area plus various other primates that tend to exhibit amazing character on sight of the visitors.We are affiliated with many tourism based entities and are always sure to bridge the visitors satisfaction and make sure to reach his or her expectations.Book a gorilla or chimpanzee permit through us so as to be served on time and with great convenience .Do you want to track gorillas or chimpanzees in Uganda Rwanda and Congo ,look no further than Gecko safaris to book your tracking permits and entrust us to also conduct your primate safari to the best of your expectations and at favorable prices that will allow you the elegant visitors treat.We are the most willing and determined tour operatives that are going to be with you all through your travels with informants that won’t leave you hanging but inform you of all you will need to know about the different destinations.Exploration of the tourism destinations in all three primates destinations is what you are going to encounter and we always make sure to reach or exceed your safari expectations,believe in us and  you will surely not regret the choice of booking your gorilla and chimpanzee permit with us and more so entrusting us to conduct your primate safari.We are one of the many tour operators that there are that will enrich you with the exact tourist treat that you deserve at a favorable fee.

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